Beaufort Community Financial Services Limited

You might be wondering why there is a page on Pyrenees Youth about the Beaufort Community Financial Services Ltd (BCFS).

BCFS operates the Beaufort Community Bank. The Community Bank makes money – money that we reinvest into the local community. And this is where youth comes into it. We have a Youth Foundation and are keen to support and partner with young people.

We run a Young Directors’ program where people like Rohan Gerrard, who started this website, can participate on the BCFS Board and learn all about being a Board Director.

We also offer a tertiary scholarship program as of 2018. Each year, we will award a scholarship to a local student undertaking tertiary studies. The scholarship is for $6,000, with $2,000 being paid each year, for three years, to the scholarship recipient.

Young Directors’ Program

Each year we appoint a new Young Director to our Board for a two year term. There are always two Young Directors on the Board at the same time as we understand that it is best to have another person your own age to share the experience with. So each year, we have one new Young Director and we have one seasoned one who’s already been on the Board for a year.

Why be a Young Director?

Let’s be honest, one of the best reasons is that it looks great on your resume. If you want to look good to potential employers or apply uni scholarships, having been a Young Director looks pretty good on your resume.

The other two main reasons are:

  • You get to see how a Board works and learn about the processes involved.
  • More importantly, you get to have a say in how we run our business and how we work with, and engage, young people in our community.

We also pay for our Young Directors to fly to Sydney in the July school holidays to attend a youth leadership program called Magic Moments. Feedback from our Young Directors has been great and they have got a lot from the attending.

Why we want Young Directors?

Most of the people on our Board have a lot of life and business experience, and while we may have young children of our own, we are keen to hear from young leaders so that we can better serve our community. We value the voices of young people to help us challenge the status quo and come up with forward thinking ideas and projects.

Benefits for our The Community: Communities can be enriched by young people who value their own potential and become involved in decision-making processes. When young people are actively involved in leadership roles they feel a valued part of their community and the community as a whole benefits.

Benefits for our Board: Participation by young people helps us understand the needs of young people in our community and helps us to be forward looking, so we can embrace new views and ideas with a view to the future.

How to apply to be a Young Director or find out more?

If you’re interested in our Young Director program, simply email our Company Secretary at or message us via our Facebook page.

Tertiary Scholarships

Rohan Gerrard & James Ackland

Rohan Gerrard & James Ackland, Beaufort Community Bank Branch Manager,

As of 2018, we are awarding a scholarship each year to a local young person who is about to start university or TAFE for the first time. The scholarship is $6,000, with $2,000 given each year for three years (to remain eligible, you have to do a few things).

We received some great applicants this year and we awarded the scholarship to Rohan Gerrard who is studying media and communications at Swinburne University in Melbourne.

We will open up the 2019 Scholarship program in December 2018 and then award the scholarship in February 2019.

Want to know more about our Scholarship program?

Email our Company Secretary at or message us via our Facebook page.

What is a Community Bank?

Beaufort Community Bank and Skipton Agency Logo

A Community Bank® branch is operated by a locally owned company (in our case, Beaufort Community Financial Services Ltd), which functions as a franchise of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and the Community Bank®company are each entitled to agreed portions of the revenue of the local Community Bank® branch and the local company is responsible for paying branch running costs.

Today, there are more than 320 Community Bank® branches right across Australia from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Augusta in the West, Dover in Tasmania and Mallacoota in the East.

At the end of December 2017, the Community Bank® branch network had achieved sponsorships, donations and community contributions to local groups and projects of $183 million.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • Total Business: $35.2 billion
  • Shareholders: Over 75,000
  • Dividends paid to shareholders: $48 million
  • Community Bank® branch staff: 1,500
  • Community Bank® branch Directors: 1,900
  • Community Bank® accounts: 1.2 million

Can you see why we are passionate about community banking?

Got Ideas?

We would love to hear your ideas. Email our Company Secretary at or message us via our Facebook page.  We are open to different projects and programs that will make a difference to young people in our region.

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